Update: My mother refuses to let me buy a new bed for myself. With my own money. For any reason whatsoever.

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You can’t just throw around the word gipsy/gypsy like it isn’t used as a racial slur against Romani people. It’s not mystical, or witchy, or cool. It’s become oppressive.



I had my first legal drink in the Eagle and Child and I remember it because I had no idea what to order. So I turned around to dinosauriaawesome to ask what she was ordering. She told me Pimms with lemonade and I remember thinking how cool she was.

So, I was thinking about this, and my first legal drink was totally a few plastic cups of Strongbow that I pawned off Jeremy during one of our LotR marathons. BLESS.

Oh, and there’s a road trip afoot, Tall Katie. Best check your email!!!



Guys will never understand the joy of having your period a week before you travel.

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Mychael & Jeff Danna - The Blood of Cu Chulainn

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Be my day off. In bed by 11 because that is how I roll. 

Text from mom at 10:55 about vacation plans at the end of next month.

I respond.

Two texts from her at 7:30 in the morning. 

I do not respond.

I sleep.

She calls me and then sounds pissed because she woke me up.


A couple lent me 20 cents when I was alone, in Nice, past midnight. I was able to take a bus to the location I was staying with that 20 cents and they were headed in my direction so on they told me where to get off to find my way. I think about the people that helped me a lot. There was someone in every city I visited. I wish I had the mind to get their address. I wish I could repay them. I want to write to them and tell them how grateful I am. I want to tell them if their plane hadn’t landed an hour late, I certainly would have had to walk three miles through the night in a foreign city that speaks a language I don’t know much of. I want to tell them I still cry a little bit when I think about how lucky I was to encounter them as I wandered the street asking for help. I think I talk about my time traveling a lot. I hope people aren’t tired of hearing it. I just can’t stop thinking about how truly lucky I was. The chance meetings and random happenstances are really the only reason I did so well while I was away.




i want to go on a shopping trip where i am the only one in the shopping mall and everything i want is free

that’s called night robbery 

so be it

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Dressing up is like masturbation, I do it for myself and if it turns you on, that’s fine, but this is for me and you’re not invited.




I want a story about Brooklyn residents and their POV after Steve moves back and is an Avenger and fighting and then coming home to Brooklyn and everyone simultaneously unphased and blasé but also alternately super protective and proud of their hometown hero.

And like Steve is just there and he’s a neighbor and a helper and a participant in block parties and spaghetti dinner fundraisers and checks in on the elderly and carries boxes and furniture for people and helps with neighborhood watch and teaches self defense classes and speaks at the schools.

And when he’s fighting and the fighting comes to Brooklyn or people are targeting Cap and everyone is like out on the street with baseball bats and yelling and being super protective and Steve is just like what are you doing are you out of your minds go back into your homes and stay safe and the people of Brooklyn are like fuck no, we are going to help you whether you like it or not. This is our home and you’re OUR kid. Brooklyn born and bred, that shit doesn’t leave you. And you’re not leaving US again.


#this makes me so happy #because then Bucky’s back right? #cripes you think they’re protective of Steve #imagine the collective wrath of Brooklyn whenever someone starts trying to paint Bucky Barnes as a Bad Guy (tm) #like a radio show is talking shi t#and suddenly they are just swamped with calls from angry Brooklyn folks #wanting to know if they like having front teeth (via bonesbuckleup)

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Well. These last few months I have learned a very important lesson about roommates.

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"You stopped a live one today, honey. I’m an international cougar!"


"You stopped a live one today, honey. I’m an international cougar!"